For the Health of it – Eating Out

I have always enjoyed eating out. (I will try to refrain myself from making too many innuendos). It is convenient for so many reasons (socializing, bonding, no dishes, etc). There was a time when I ate out at least once or twice a week. That was usually when I worked graveyard shift and the only time I could hang out with friends or family. Some favorites are Mexican food, sushi places, and Chinese food places. I would love to be able to incorporate more sushi and pasta places in my eating out journey.

When travelling, I love eating out even more because I would get to eat at places we don’t have where I live. Nowadays we don’t eat out as much. This is mostly due to the fact that not a lot of restaurants don’t have a lot of options that fit my diet (keto), and if they do, I would rather cook it at home.

Eating out for me is unhealthy because I usually eat all of what is served to me. I hate wasting food, and I hate leftovers. That is a bad combination when trying to work on portion size.

Now with the virus, eating out is even less appealing. Most places are only allowing take out anyways. I feel like if there is a shelter in place order, that should mean also not going to get food or have it delivered. I miss eating out though. It was always a nice way for my boyfriend and I to make a date of it, and go see a movie and have lunch or dinner.

As far as the cost for eating out goes, it always felt somewhat affordable. By only doing it once a week, it felt like a very manageable thing to spend money on. Though it is always shocking to see the price go up on my favorite things each year.

2 thoughts on “For the Health of it – Eating Out”

  1. It’s a shame that restaurants don’t cater for the changes that have occurred to people’s needs. Eating in is easier, but when there is no chance of eating out, it’s definitely something I want to do.

  2. Dave ShagLonger

    Eating out occasionally at a fine restaurant is great for couples or people dating. It adds a bit of fun and flair

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