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Product Reviews – Hollywood Hottie and Palm Springs Pleaser

I have been in the market for a new vibrator lately. I wanted something new and fun to try and switch things up a bit. I have been suffering from lack of sex drive and libido, so I thought a new toy could help add some fun. I was given the chance to review not one, but two toys from Betty’s Toy Box. CalExotics has a new “California Dreaming” vibrator line that looks super fun and colorful, so I was excited to give them a try. Of the many to choose from, I chose the Hollywood Hottie and the Palm Springs Pleaser. I received these in exchange for my honest review.

About Both Toys

Asides from color, design, and shape, these toys are pretty similar. They are both rechargeable, made from body safe silicone, and waterproof. The button layout and motors also feel like the same. Each toy has three buttons. The bottom and middle turn the vibrator on, middle cycles through the patterns once on, the bottom button is the “power boost” button that puts the vibrations at the highest steady speed. The top button turns everything off. It took a while to get used to these buttons’ functionalities. I had a few mishaps of accidentally turning it off at a critical moments. I did appreciate the power boost button, as that helps me get back to the steady vibrations that I prefer when I accidentally hit a pattern button.

There was a lot that I loved about these toys, and only a few gripes. I love the fun colors and styles. The names are a bit cheesy, but that goes with the territory I think. The silicone is soft and silky, making me love the feel of them on my skin. Waterproof is always nice, as it makes me less worried that I am going to accidentally fry something while cleaning. Speaking of cleaning, cleaning is very simple, just use warm soap and water. I do wish this line came with a carrying bag of some sort. I have gotten used to toys these days coming with some sort of travel bag. It has been a long time since I saw something that does not have one.

Unfortunately, my biggest complaint is the motor. Even though it had a decent rumble to it, it soon turned buzzy, especially at the higher speeds. The lack of rumble made it impossible to ever reach my climax.

The Hollywood Hottie

On the Betty’s storefront, this looked very yellow. However, after seeing it in person, it is definitely more of a neon orange. The tip is soft and flexible, making it easier to hit that perfect spot. The bottom also had a nice ridge texture that felt nice along my skin. The battery is said to last 40 minutes on high and 90 minutes at low speed, and I feel like that is accurate. The battery life was decent, I only wish it was more rumbly. Because of the shape, it is not meant for insertion, but it is great for other erogenous zones.

The Palm Springs Pleaser


I have to say, I love this shade of blue. It definitely gave me the feeling of cool summer beaches in southern California. I also must admit, I enjoyed bending this toy around way too much. As advertised, it is meant to bend to your needs. The end is a very unique shape that kind of reminds me of a spoon. This toy also is not good for insertion, but great for outside erogenous zones. The battery is a little bit weaker than the Hollywood Hottie, with only 30 minutes at max speeds, 75 minutes at low speeds. the same buzzy rumble as the Hollywood Hottie.


Overall, these were fun, and can be a good choice if you are on a budget, as they are under $100. I give them both 3 out of 5 stars. However, if you want something that is a combination of the two that is a bit smaller and a lot more rumbly, I would recommend the We-Vibe Touch. Thank you Betty’s Toy Box!

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