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It is stressful times right now, and even before things changed my boyfriend and I were searching for a good massage oil to help ease the Sunday night stress and anxiety of the upcoming Monday. A few months ago I discovered Aloe Cadabra, the creators of my new found favorite lube. They also make a massage oil out of the same natural, organic ingredients. I was given a bottle free in exchange for another honest review.

The Oil

Into the Moment is a lavender massage & body oil. The product is made from sesame oil with vitamins E, D, and B. Sesame oil is known to help “slow down the appearance of aging skin.” One of the things I love about Aloe Cadabra products is how natural they are. There are no parabens or GMOs. You can pronounce and list the ingredients on one hand, which feels kind of rare these days. Massage and body oil is best used for massages and softening skin. It can also be great for a bath oil for relaxation.



















At first I found the smell of lavender to be a tad too strong, but soon enough I got used to it and found it rather relaxing. The ingredients were gentle on my skin, and I have very sensitive skin. I felt like I absorbed it nicely, and I didn’t have that “icky/sticky” feeling after use. This massage oil has definitely made its was as a regular into our lives. Because lavender is so hit and miss for some people, I would love to see a softer, sweeter scent come out by this company. Maybe vanilla or coconut? Coconut lemongrass has always been a favorite of mine. What are some of your favorite scents for relaxing?

Thank you to the lovely folks at Aloe Cadabra for letting me try this massage oil.¬†When you check out online, you can use coupon code “AFSweets” to receive 25% off and free shipping in the U.S. (This code is valid once per customer). Along with this oil, Aloe Cadabra has a bunch of lubes with a variety of flavors. You can find my review for those here.

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