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Product Review – Romp Free and Romp Shine

I think I have mentioned this a few times, but I absolutely love my Womanizer and Tango. Because of this, you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Romp, a company brought to you by the same people as We-Vibe and Womanizer. There is a lot to choose from in the Romp collection (everything from a bullet vibe, vibrating cock ring, a wand, and more) and Betty’s Toy Box sent me free in exchange for my review two of the new Romp Products; the Romp Shine and the Romp Free. Both of these toys use “Pleasure Air Technology” to provide a sucking sensation  on the clitoris. There is a lot that is similar between the two toys and the only thing that seems different is the physical design, so I am combining them into one review.

Shine (and) Free

The Romp Shine and Romp Free are made of ABS plastic with removable silicone heads and magnetic rechargeable. This is great because it makes them waterproof, but unfortunately the magnet is very weak and I had a very difficult time getting them in place just right so that they could charge and stay connected. It will need about 90 minutes for a full charge, giving about 40 minutes of play on high speeds. Both toys contain the same motor with ten speeds. I found the buttons to be very hard to press, especially in the moment. Pressing the (+) for 2 seconds will turn on the motor, and holding (-) for 2 seconds will turn it off. Along with being hard to press, I thought the button control odd (it kind of bugged me) that the (+) and (-) did not align with the silicone button cover. At first I thought it was a production defect, but seeing the product pictures it appears as that was planned. The motor itself is OK. It was quiet, so that was nice, but it wasn’t as strong as I had hoped. Turning it off and back on will reset it to the lower speed. I was pleased to find that it did not have patterns, as those are useless to me.













Romp Shine

This is the more common design of most clitoral air products that I have seen. If fit in my hand nicely, but that was about all I can say nice about this toy. After washing the Shine for the first time, the silicone head did not want to stay on. Every time I used it, the head would pop off before I could even get it past my outer labia. One time I thought the head stayed on, but learned that was not the case when I increased the power and it got uncomfortable.












Romp Free

Designed for travel, the Romp Free is compact and has a cover that goes over the silicone head. This was also easy to hold and control, and the silicone head stayed in place during use. The cap fits on snugly, but some could have trouble getting it on and off.  Of the two, the Free became my favorite of the two.














Overall, these toys were not terrible for the price of under $100 ($40 for Romp Free and $50 for Romp Shine) on Betty’s Toy Box. I do wish that they came with a travel bag, as it make storage easier. Even though they both managed to get me to orgasm, they were some very weak and sad orgasms that left me wanting more from a different toy. These would be good beginner toys if you are unsure if pleasure air technology is right for you, but if you have a little extra to spend, I would find it worth it to get a Womanizer instead. Thank you Betty’s Toy Box for letting me try these out!

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