Product Review – Zumio E

I will start off by saying, I absolutely love the Zumio Products. In 2018 I reviewed the Zumio X (Zumio’s first model). Their products are pinpoint and give a deeper pleasure than other vibrators. Zumios don’t vibrate, but instead oscillate. I was excited to be offered a chance to review the Zumio E by Zumio themselves. I received this toy in exchange for my honest review.

The Packaging

The Zumio E came in a box slightly smaller than the Zumio X, but packaged in the same way. One thing that did not change about the boxes is the shininess (which I loved). Inside was the Zumio E, charging stand, and USB charging cord. I was slightly disappointed that it did not include a storage bag (like the Zumio X), but instead it did have a protective travel cap. I really approved of the travel cap, as my fear is always that the tip is going to snap off in storage.

The Toy

Zumio uses “SpiroTip” technology, making it give pinpoint pleasure to just the right spots. There are three models (the X, S, and E) and each one has its own unique rotation pattern and stem/tip shape. The tip of the Zumioo E is small, round, and slightly spoon shaped. The rotation pattern is elliptical, and the stem is long, curved, and rigid, The Zumio site has a nice comparison guide to help you choose which Zumio would be the best fit for you. The Zumio E is pressure sensitive,, where light pressure on the tip will bring rapid rotation and intensity, and pressing harder will bring out slower, deeper, and more intense stimulation.

There are 8 speeds to enjoy on the Zumio E, and it is 100% waterproof. I love waterproof, because it makes cleaning easier, as well as taking toys to the bath or shower a possibility. I personally don’t have a shower/bath big enough to make me comfortable with playing in the water, but someday I hope to have the chance. Perhaps a romantic vacation in a secluded area someday (when it is safe to travel).

The only thing that I found unfortunate about the Zumio products is that the charging time of 16 hours. However, it is made up for in battery life. One full charge will give up to 4 hours of play, depending on speed setting of the toy. I do think that the charging stand is neat, and definitely beats having to fight magnets and getting them in just the right position to charge.

The button placement is the same, but it didn’t bother me like it did with the Zumio X. I am not sure why, but I am not complaining. I found the Zumio easy and comfortable to hold and use. If holding the toy tip up, the buttons go (from top to bottom) Up, Down, and Power on/off. Holding the power button for 5 seconds will activate travel lock mode.



Overall, I loved the Zumio E. One thing I always prefer in toys is pinpoint stimulation with steady vibrations/oscillations. I am not a big fan of “patterns” in toys, and generally skip them because they don’t do anything for me. The Zumio products don’t have patterns, and contain pure pinpoint pleasure. (Sorry for the alliteration. It was too easy). I love that the models spell out SEX, so maybe a next model will be named Y? Either way, I would love to try the S at some point. Currently the E is my favorite of the Zumio models, as it has the higher intensity. Thank you so much to Zumio for letting me try the Zumio E.

You can get your own Zumio toys at the Zumio store or at Betty’s Toy Box (or probably your favorite sex toy retailer), but using my links will give me a bit of commission at no extra cost to you. 🙂 I use my commissions to help keep this site running.

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