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Product Review – Zumio S

I have finally had a chance to review all three Zumios, and I think I found my favorite. I was given the Zumio S by Zumio themselves in exchange for my honest review. I reviewed my first Zumio (Zumio X) in 2018, and just a few months ago reviewed the Zumio E.

The Contents

In the Zumio S box, you get the Zumio S, a protective cap to go on the toy, charging stand, and USB charging cord. The only thing I felt was missing was a pouch to keep the toy in, but I will say that about most any toys I review and buy.

The Toy

Each model is different in how the toy works. Zumio uses SpiroTip technology, and oscillates instead of vibrate. The Zumio S rotates, and has a shorter, rounder tip. The Zumio S also is less intense than the other models. Each model has ight speeds, and hold up to a 4 hour charge. The downfall is that it takes 16 hours to charge. All Zumios are waterproof, which makes cleaning a cinch. There is also a travel lock feature that prevents the toy from turning on accidentally. There are three buttons; Power, Up, and Down. The placement of the buttons was comfortable for me to use, and they are easy to press.



















The Zumio S is probably my favorite of the Zumio models. I love the Zumio toys because of their pinpoint sensations, but the Zumio S has a slightly wider and thicker tip. In my opinion, this allows for a slightly larger surface area to be stimulated. It is great for solo or partnered play, whichever tickles your fancy. Thank you so much Zumio for letting me complete my collection and review your products! You can get the Zumio S at the Zumio store and/ or Betty’s Toy Box.

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