Sweeten Dirty

I am a 31 year old bi girl learning and discovering myself while writing about it. I love to kiss and tell.

TMI Tuesday – Down Right Sexy!

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions were adapted from kinkylesbians.tumblr.com Down right sexy! 1. Have you ever had sex in three or more positions in one session? Name the positions. Yes, I have, missionary, doggy, and cowgirl. 2. Have you ever had sex continuously for more than an hour? Was it all intercourse or other methods of sexual pleasure? Yes. I basically had (two) nearly all night sessions with The T.… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Down Right Sexy!


I fucking hate the word cute when it comes to describing females. Probably mostly because when someone is using that word to describe, it does not include me. I have never been called cute.  Cute can be many different things for many different people. Unfortunately, it most of the time describes “small, thin/skinny, petite, etc.” anything but me. All I read in the personal sections is “looking for a cute…”… Read More »Cute

Sinful Sunday – In My Eyes

The theme for this month is “senses.” That can include sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. I am focusing on sight, with my eyes. I have a major problem looking into people’s eyes when talking to them. It just makes me highly uncomfortable and nervous. I am also not a fan of wearing makeup, but sometimes I do like how they make my eyes stand out. Unfortunately, I feel like… Read More »Sinful Sunday – In My Eyes

More Spring.me Questions

1.) Would you rather be forgotten or hatefully remembered? I think I would prefer to be forgotten, as I tend to feel that way anyways. Do you have any strange phobias? Strange no, phobias in general, yes. I am terrified of spiders and bridges. I fucking HATE bridges. Would you be willing to reduce your life expectancy by 10 years to become extremely attractive or famous? I would say not.… Read More »More Spring.me Questions

Spring.me questions

**So in my time away from blogging (and not just paying attention) I have quite a few questions from Spring.me. Now, I am unsure how their “direct questions” work, since the questions asked of me just aren’t really me, and not that sexual. So, I am not sure if someone actually read my stuff or not, but since I am running out of ideas to write, I thought I would… Read More »Spring.me questions

I Miss His Kiss

I have been thinking about J a lot. It has been nearly 4 months since we last hung out. I miss him. I miss the way he makes me feel, the way he touches me, his shyness and the way he asks for permission. Permission to touch me, permission to touch himself. It’s all so hot. Strangely, I miss his kiss. He wasn’t my favorite person to kiss, but I… Read More »I Miss His Kiss

What I Need to Do

After nearly a week of thinking, asking for advice, and thinking some more, I have finally come to a decision about D. I am going to tell him that it’s his dick, he can stick it where he wants, but not me because I can’t have sex with someone that careless. I mean, I totally get the multiple partners. I have gotten over that. I would just feel more comfortable… Read More »What I Need to Do

TMI Tuesday – Hook Ups

Hook-ups: A cultural revolution Hookups — brief uncommitted sexual encounters between individuals who are not romantic partners or dating each other. 1. When was your last hook-up? About a month ago. 2. Briefly describe the hook-up? D was leaving for vacation the next day, so we wanted to say goodbye and have one last go round before who knows when we would hang out again. 3. How did you feel… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Hook Ups


I love to flirt online. It is a huge confidence booster when exchanging flirts online. Friday afternoon I got a message from a guy several hours away from me. For once he actually seemed to have read my page so I messaged back. I couldn’t respond back until after work, but the conversation flowed nicely. We chatted for several hours, eventually moving it to Skype for quicker response time. We… Read More »Flirt