My new toys…

My new toys are fucking scary. They were bigger than I expected. If you haven’t been following my Twitter, I ordered the Tantus Cush and Flurry. I was so excited for them that I even held off on masturbating several nights in a row. When I got home Thursday the package was on my bed. I tore it open, and my mouth dropped. How the hell am I going to… Read More »My new toys…


So I made a Skype for my blog. You can find me at sweeten.dirty. I must ask though, please no calls unless I agree to it first. I also will not add anyone that doesn’t send more than just the generic friend request. I have had to weed out a lot of spam within the first 10 minutes of making it. I look forward to chatting!

TMI Tuesday – Flowers, Kisses, and Money

1. When did you last give or get flowers? What was the occasion? I believe I last received flowers from Ex#4 when we spent Valentine’s Day together, right before we became “official.” 2. When was the last time you had a long passionate kiss? Who did you kiss? D kisses me pretty passionately. The last time we got together was about two weeks ago. 3. You’ve just been given $100… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Flowers, Kisses, and Money

Fucked Up Move, Bro

The night after I had my accident I called Will. It was his night off from work, no one else was awake and I couldn’t sleep. I told him everything that happened and he did his best to comfort me. He later mentioned that he was soon going to get his mom’s car once she got her new one. He said when that happened he would give me his pickup.… Read More »Fucked Up Move, Bro


A few weeks ago D offered to pick me up after he got off work. The plan was to pick up pizza, watch movies, and have me sleep over, then he would drop me off on his way to work. I loved this idea, since I had never slept over with D, though always wanted to. The night went as planned, and I had a blast. It was something new… Read More »Sleepover

The Right One

I learned a very valuable lesson with the last guy I dated, however I just now realized it. I learned why people say they will “try something with the right person.” We all have fantasies. Some are more kinky than others. Some of my fantasies are on the kinkier side. The guy I dated wanted to know them. I was embarrassed, but I shyly told him. He wasn’t disgusted, but… Read More »The Right One


A few weeks ago I was feeling pretty miserable. It started when I went with my roommate to the mall and she went to the “diet store.” I went with her, and in there I felt feelings no one should ever feel about themselves. I walked out, nearly in tears, scared of the thoughts that crossed my mind. I went to the game store in hopes of finding a new… Read More »Carefree