I definitely feel like D’s and I relationship/friendship has gotten stronger in the last few months. I mean, we are still fuck buddy’s, but something has changed. A few months ago he started texting me “I love you” and telling me how glad he is to have me in his life. I feel the same way. He even drunk called me one night and completely opened up to me. This… Read More »Different

Relationship and a Half (Part 1)

Back in college I had a huge crush on a guy in one of my English classes. We talked about the things we had in common (music, camping, etc). We were even planning a camping trip for one weekend, but something came up. One day he dropped out of the class and I never heard from him again until last year. Back in May he responded to one of my… Read More »Relationship and a Half (Part 1)

Hopefully, Soon

***Below is a post I wrote last April about a time J and I met up and things happened…and didn’t happen*** It had been a long week. Just when I was starting to forget about J and try to move on, I started missing him like crazy, missing the things we did, missing how well we fit together. I had just come home from doing errands Friday night when I… Read More »Hopefully, Soon

Ugh, Almost a Year Since my Last Post…

Wow, it’s been too damn long. I hate that it’s been almost a year since I have written, since so much has happened. Good things and bad things. Funny things and sad things. Amazing things and fucked up things. Hopefully I can catch you all up to speed. I plan on this short recap in this post, then the ones that deserve more detail, I will do my best to… Read More »Ugh, Almost a Year Since my Last Post…


The other day I met a guy. I shall call him Cody. I first met Cody online via a dating website about a year ago. We were planning to meet, but life interfered, we lost touch, and didn’t speak again until a couple of weeks ago when I saw him on the same dating website again. I took a shot in the dark, unsure of how he felt about me,… Read More »Potential

Sweet Awakening (The End of a Dry Spell)

Last week September, I had just gotten in bed and was just settling down for sleep when I got a text. It was from D and I hadn’t heard from him in over a year. He asked me how I had been and I told him that I was ok, just been having a lot of ups and downs. When I asked how he was, he said that his girlfriend… Read More »Sweet Awakening (The End of a Dry Spell)


Well, J didn’t cancel on me, as I half expected him to. In fact, things actually went really well up until the end, but more on that later. First, let me start at the beginning. He texted me just as I was finishing up getting ready, telling me to let him know when I was on my way. I texted back and told him I was going to my car… Read More »Rejection