Kink of the Week – Anal Sex

I have always been back and forth when it came to anal sex. My first experiences with it were quite horrible. The partner I was with refused to use lube, even though I brought it out every time. He also never gave any warm up, and just shoved his dick inside fast and hard. My cries of pain were taken as moans of pleasure and he went harder. I was… Read More »Kink of the Week – Anal Sex

Butt Stuff

I have never really cared too much for anal sex. That is mostly in part because I experienced it with a partner that did not care about my pleasure and safety. That does not mean I am completely against it, I would love to experience it with a different and better partner, even more so after being contacted by Carvaka Sex Toys Recently Carvaka Sex Toys released a YouTube video… Read More »Butt Stuff