Early Morning Phone Sex – Part 1

CB called me when he woke up Friday morning. We started with small talk, then he started talking naughty. I was in the mood for it, since the night before I went to my first male strip show. I was planning on masturbating when I went to bed, and he just happened to be waking up when I was going to bed. It started with him asking how big my… Read More »Early Morning Phone Sex – Part 1

An Attempt to Kill the Excessive Horniness

Last Wednesday, on my Friday, I was tired of the “Girl Boner” problem I was having. No amount of masturbation was helping. I was desperate, so I charged the batteries to my wireless bullet and put it in my panties, the remote in my pocket. I had a grin on my face walking to work, feeling the buzz on my clit. The faster I walked, the closer to orgasm I… Read More »An Attempt to Kill the Excessive Horniness

Quitting While Ahead

I had plans of masturbating for a while, but just never got around to it. Finally, before bed that morning I was able to get around to it. I decided to use something for insertion this time. I opened my toy drawer with intentions of grabbing a glass one, but grabbed non-vibrating Lelo instead. I went to clean it off in the bathroom sink before sliding it into my already… Read More »Quitting While Ahead


I got back to Leah’s apartment, where her and The T were waiting. I cuddled with The T a bit, before heading into the bathroom to change into my sexy clothes. I wore my yellow negligee with a black thong. They both told me how sexy I looked. The T and I made out for a bit, then we went to Leah’s room. Leah stayed in the living room to… Read More »Faked

Cumming Attractions

When I started my blog back up again, I reposted all of my old blog entries as well as read through them all. Several posts fascinated me, particularly the ones about my wireless bullet being used at work. The other night at work, the idea of doing that again has been a real turn on. I think I will have to get it out again and do just that. There… Read More »Cumming Attractions

After Orgasm

One thing I have noticed is that after I orgasm, I relax so much that I stop breathing. I masturbate, I finish, I turn off the vibe, and lay as still as possible. My body relaxes completely. After a few seconds, when I am ready for air, I take in a deep breath and let it out slowly. I continue this relaxed breathing for a minute or two, until my… Read More »After Orgasm


One thing that drives me nuts is being distracted while masturbating. The thing that tends to happen the most is, while trying to think dirty thoughts, something very undirty pops into my mind. These things can include everyday life things, such as bills, and the biggest turn off of all, family. The last few times I have masturbated I have gotten very distracted. I think this happens because I wasn’t… Read More »Distractions

Review: Solar Bullet

Ever since I first discovered toys and masturbating, I have always preferred bullets over anything else. Unknowingly, I started out with disposable batteries. After always wasting money on them (it took me a while to realize how having now good batteries on hand was annoying, leading up to expensive), I switched to rechargeable batteries and wall charger. After becoming more advanced in my masturbatory adventures, I eventually bought rechargeable toys.… Read More »Review: Solar Bullet

A New Goal

Last week, I decided to set a goal for myself. I made a goal to go without using a vibrator for the whole month of October. The most I have went without one is two weeks. The rules I set for myself was that I can do anything that does not involve a vibrator (i.e. sex, using my hands, someone else’s hands, etc). The point of this goal is to… Read More »A New Goal


Normally when I hang out with Toby, I need to get off when I get home. The last time we hung out I didn’t even feel horny. I felt so used that it just killed any reason to masturbate. So of course my horny has to hit me the week I am housesitting at my cousin’s. By Sunday, the day I finally got to go home, it had been two… Read More »Trio