Its dark days when I post on Craigslist, which is exactly what I did this last weekend. I was fed up and lonely, so I decided to take a shot, mostly to renew my happy feelings of not dating and worrying about it. All I got were creeps responding, some even sending a few dick pics. I felt like no one was reading my post. As I was considering taking… Read More »Reconnecting

Slow Down

One thing I learned in my last relationship is to slow the fuck down. In every relationship I have always allowed it to move too fast. I always just went with the flow, but as fun as that can be at first, it can lead to a huge standstill, boredom, and broken promises. My first and only high school “relationship” lasted five days, but within the first day of meeting… Read More »Slow Down


I have never been on a real date, nor have I really “dated.” In a way I have, but when it all boils down in the end, I don’t feel like I have. Sure, there are people I have had relationships with, but we never started off by dating, it was more like friends hanging out at the other’s place and things progressing from there.  I have went on “coffee… Read More »Dating

Last Spring

Last year I met a guy on a dating site. I thought he was adorable, and we had tons in common (as it usually goes with me). We did a lot of chatting on Skype, some texting. He was a really nice guy. The only problem was that he lived several hours away in another state. In the end of April/beginning of May I had a long weekend, due to… Read More »Last Spring


So, way before my accident there was a guy at work that I had a bit of an attraction to. I knew only his name and that he winked at me whenever we crossed paths. Fast forward to after the accident and returning to work. The wink he gave me came with a huge grin. I started talking to him, getting to know him in small bits. I found out… Read More »Ginger


As mentioned a few posts ago, J started texting me after nearly 6 months of silence. I flat out told him I didn’t trust him, that every time I start to think I will never hear from him again, I do. Then, just when I start to think things have changed and that he is more reliable, he disappears. I got tired of it. He told me he talked to… Read More »Almost

Hopefully, Soon

***Below is a post I wrote last April about a time J and I met up and things happened…and didn’t happen*** It had been a long week. Just when I was starting to forget about J and try to move on, I started missing him like crazy, missing the things we did, missing how well we fit together. I had just come home from doing errands Friday night when I… Read More »Hopefully, Soon