Ugh, Almost a Year Since my Last Post…

Wow, it’s been too damn long. I hate that it’s been almost a year since I have written, since so much has happened. Good things and bad things. Funny things and sad things. Amazing things and fucked up things. Hopefully I can catch you all up to speed. I plan on this short recap in this post, then the ones that deserve more detail, I will do my best to… Read More »Ugh, Almost a Year Since my Last Post…


The other day I met a guy. I shall call him Cody. I first met Cody online via a dating website about a year ago. We were planning to meet, but life interfered, we lost touch, and didn’t speak again until a couple of weeks ago when I saw him on the same dating website again. I took a shot in the dark, unsure of how he felt about me,… Read More »Potential


Well, J didn’t cancel on me, as I half expected him to. In fact, things actually went really well up until the end, but more on that later. First, let me start at the beginning. He texted me just as I was finishing up getting ready, telling me to let him know when I was on my way. I texted back and told him I was going to my car… Read More »Rejection

Just in Case

So, J and I started talking again. It’s been off and on, but the last week it’s been every day. He seems better now. I will find out Friday if he’s changed. The plan is for me to go to his house to watch a movie and cuddle. I like this plan a lot. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Sadly though, I feel like I… Read More »Just in Case

What Could Have Been

The months of March and April were a huge roller coaster of emotions. It started off really well when I met a guy who I will call J. We had a lot in common (the way it normally starts) and planned to meet. Unfortunately he cancelled on me as I was getting in my car to go see him. It kind of worked out and I wasn’t too upset because… Read More »What Could Have Been


There a lot of times I just feel inferior. The adjective definition of “inferior” is “lower in rank, status, or quality.” I feel inferior when I am at my job (there is not a lot of respect going to the janitorial staff). I feel inferior when I see someone better looking than me (skinnier, longer hair, no glasses, etc) (though I know everyone has their own attractions). In my sophomore… Read More »Inferior


I am getting so damn bored with the whole dating thing. Salien messaged me the other night saying that it was nice meeting me, but we just want different things. He said that I would make someone very happy someday. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised when he sent me that text. I actually kind of expected it, since I noticed from his texts that he wasn’t that into it anymore. Plus,… Read More »Bored

Time Sure Flies When You’re Having Fun

I met with Salien on Thursday. We had decided to play it by ear when the beautiful sunny weather was forecast to turn to rain and wind with a few glimpses of sun. I texted him when I woke up at 3 P.M. (we both work graveyards) and asked how the weather in his town was since we live about 45 minutes apart. The weather was as predicted, sunny, rainy,… Read More »Time Sure Flies When You’re Having Fun