What I Want and Why

I don’t want a boyfriend. There’s too much drama in that. I don’t want a boyfriend because then it’s necessary to be honest and communicate. The last time I tried to be honest and communicate it blew up in my face. Its just easier to have a friend with benefits. I don’t want just a booty call, but I want an actual friend, that I can hang out with, laugh… Read More »What I Want and Why

Hit and Miss

Last Friday night, my last night off and feeling a little sorry for myself I get a message on Facebook. Its a guy I asked to hang out sometime (saying no). Not five minutes later, I get an email from saying someone winked at me. I signed on and checked them out. He seemed decent, so I winked back, and took it a step further by messaging him. I… Read More »Hit and Miss

Girl Boner

You know how it’s bad for a guy to have an erection for too long, so long it actually gets painful? Is that possible for females? I mean, I think how it works for girls in kind of the same way, the blood rushes to her vulva, only she gets wet instead of hard. Anyways, I have been aroused so long (since Monday and this is Thursday as I write… Read More »Girl Boner

Craigslist Ad

Well, I posted another Craigslist ad, in hopes of better results than last time. Maybe I sound a little bitchy and blunt, but I am sick of those shallow bastards that can’t handle a bigger girl. Here is the ad, what do you think? A little much, or just right? __________ Well, I tried this a few months ago, but didn’t have much success because people can’t seem to get… Read More »Craigslist Ad


I have made two craigslist ads in the past, once in mid 2009 and one about a month ago. Both were to “meet new people and make new friends.” I never did meet anyone that responded, but I did get a lot of responses. The first time I placed an ad, I would only give my picture when I received one myself. The problem was that once they saw the… Read More »Craigslist

Strap On

A week or two ago my friend Maya approached me with the idea of her and I experimenting together., She said she was unsure how far she wanted to go, but so far kissing and groping (above the waist), seemed ok. She seemed concerned on why she was having these feelings, and I tried to explain as much as I could, detailing how I first started out. Her biggest problem… Read More »Strap On

Blind Date

January of 2007 I went on my first blind date. I was really excited, as I had always wanted to go on a blind date. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend had a friend who had a friend that was looking for a blind date and thought I would be perfect for him. I was a little weary at first, because I knew that the boyfriend’s friend did not like me… Read More »Blind Date