I will be honest. I don’t think I am 100% over Will. On the outside I really am, and I feel like I am putting on a show, because on the inside I have completely mixed feelings. At most times, I feel like he did me a favor. I felt like his reason for leaving was stupid and selfish. I am glad that we never got married, because it would… Read More »Healing


I have been making a lot of changes in the past few weeks. Some of these changes are new, some are old. First things first, I am rebuilding my life. When Will and I broke up, I felt like everything came crashing down. I am learning more about myself, as well as learning how to depend on myself. Before I always depended on others for everything, especially financially. I had… Read More »Rebuilding

The Break Up

On October 31, 2011, Will broke up with me. He felt like I was getting in the way of his job. It started with him coming up to me on the night of the 29th and telling me that the next Friday at 6 he would be in “town.” I asked if he was going with friends, doing errands, or going out with coworkers. He told me he didn’t think… Read More »The Break Up

Drama with Ex #4

We’ve been broken up for over two months now. He still acts as though I did it five minutes ago. I am trying so hard to stay his friend, but he is making it so difficult on me. Whenever we talk, he starts talking about the what ifs and the might have beens, talking about how he’s changing his habits, he’s gotten better. It is really starting to bug me.… Read More »Drama with Ex #4

The Ex List (Ex # 4)

I met my fourth ex at work. Now, I will admit there was quite the age gap between us. He had been married once before, and no kids. When we first met he would pick on me, but everyone did, teasingly of course. After about a year of talking just at work, we exchanged IM’s. We would talk every now and then, leaving offline messages mostly because we had such… Read More »The Ex List (Ex # 4)

The Ex List (Ex # 3)

If I was to describe my third ex in one word, that word would be creepy. We met in Human Sexuality class, spring semester of 2007. We just started talking, and realized we both played the same game. We exchanged game screen names and messenger addresses, and just started talking from there. Each class we would sit together, and every night we would talk online. One day he took the… Read More »The Ex List (Ex # 3)

The Ex List (Ex #1)

I have only had four boyfriends. Three I dated in person, the fourth was online. I think the one I learned the most from was my online relationship. The longest relationship however was the one I just got out of. I decided I should write about them, and since there is so much to each one, I will make one post per ex. How does that sound? My first boyfriend… Read More »The Ex List (Ex #1)