“So now we decide if this was a date or nondate,” he said as I pulled up to his house after dinner and a concert. “Oh,” I replied, a bit shocked. I hadn’t even thought it was possible to be a date, just because he had never made any show of interest before.  “A nondate we would hug or shake hands. A date we would kiss,” he explained.  I felt… Read More »Kisses

Lessons in Geography 

We didn’t really have anywhere to go. No where private at least, that didn’t require money. Ready to take it a little bit further, test the waters, but not quite ready to bring the other home. We ended up meeting in the mall parking lot and go from there. When he pulled up next to me I got out to greet him. We hugged and kissed briefly, then decided to… Read More »Lessons in Geography¬†

Birthday Tease

After spending some time cuddling on his couch, we figured it was time to go for a dip. Once inside the hot tub house we stripped off all of our clothes. J got in first and I followed, taking his hand for support as I lowered myself in. He floated over to the opposite side and I followed, sitting next to him. Using my right hand to keep myself somewhat… Read More »Birthday Tease

Blindsided Pt. 2

We spent the next few weeks talking, and every Friday he would come over. The first Friday I invited him over for dinner and Game of Thrones, which he planned on introducing me to. I cooked him my specialty, a Mexican lasagna. I made sure to shave and groom in all the proper places. That is when I realized how much I had let myself go. It felt really good… Read More »Blindsided Pt. 2


I think I have mentioned before the wall I have put up a wall when it comes to people. I would still meet people on the occasional coffee date, but a second date was rare, and I was far from interested in letting them into my life as more than friends. A few good ones actually showed romantic interest (not just sexual) in me, but I closed myself off even… Read More »Blindsided

Pure Pleasure

The episode ended and we stayed there in each other’s arms. Neither of us wanted to get up to push play for the next episode. Throughout the show we had been slowly stripping each other until he was only in his thong, and I in my favorite red lingerie and panties. I smiled with content, letting my hand travel all over him, still learning his body. I slid my hands… Read More »Pure Pleasure


A little over a month ago I started talking to a guy on a dating site. We met up for coffee,  which turned into lunch and a movie. We saw each other once after that. He wanted to hang out again, but something didn’t feel right so I kept making excuses on why I couldn’t. I didn’t want to get rid of him altogether,  just in case it was just… Read More »Relief

Bad Habits and Noncommittal Answers

In the past few years of dating (most times of meeting a person once or twice then only keeping things online or never speaking again), I have picked up some really bad habits. I have lost nearly all self confidence, but I think I have become unrealistically picky when it comes to finding a partner. As far as the self confidence goes, it comes and goes. It really comes when… Read More »Bad Habits and Noncommittal Answers