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Lips – Part 1

I have always had a fondness for my lips. They have always been smooth, and when I was way younger I believed that they were so smooth because I had never been kissed. I love that they still stay smooth, even after some major kissing has occured. I love the way my lips look in a shiny gloss, but especially love the way they feel around a cock. Unfortunately I… Read More »Lips – Part 1

Sinful Sunday – Browsing

I was browsing through my sent mail and found some VERY naughty pictures. They were pictures that I thought I had lost during my brief period of not blogging. I got very wet and excited when I saw these, remembering exactly when I had them taken. They were from when I was playing with Sarah, or really, she was playing with me. You can read the post here. Bent over… Read More »Sinful Sunday – Browsing

An End to Something Bad, the Start of Something Good

This last Monday I put a stop to the Toby situation. I hope. He picked me up in the morning after he got off work and we went to his house. Things seemed to be better and hotter before. He kissed me harder and more passionately than he ever has, than anyone has. When he bent me over to feel my ass, he surprised me by taking off his belt… Read More »An End to Something Bad, the Start of Something Good

Slippery When Wet

This weekend I had a guest. We will call her Sarah. Sarah is the one that helped me discover my bicuriousity, as well as helped me experiment. We had not done anything in a while, as every time we made plans something would come up to prevent us from getting together. This weekend was definitely worth the lack of sleep if you know what I mean. On the night in… Read More »Slippery When Wet

Dresss Up

I have always been a fan of dressing up. I love to go shopping for new clothes, and looking for cute outfits. I also like dressing up in the bedroom. My main goal is to someday own a school girl outfit. There is just something about that plaid mini skirt and white button up shirt, along with wearing pigtails. A few months ago I bought a French maid teddy. I… Read More »Dresss Up