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Kink of the Week

Kink of the Week – Doggy Style

For the majority of the time I have been having sex, missionary was my preferred position. Mostly this was because it was what I was used to, and the only one I got the chance to try with partners. I attempted doggy with a few partners (long ago), but it never really worked out (bad partners and awkwardness don’t mix). For Aaron and I, doggy style has become one of… Read More »Kink of the Week – Doggy Style

Kink of the Week – Fishnets

I have always thought that fishnets were extremely sexy, and my favorite style is the stockings. Unfortunately, I have never owned a pair, though I would love to. Every time I went lingerie shopping I looked for a pair for myself, but I never found any in my size. I am not to fond of the body fishnet style, though I appreciate them nonetheless. Fishnet itself is just a sexy… Read More »Kink of the Week – Fishnets

Kink of the Week – Scratching

I absolutely love scratching, both giving and receiving. This is a recently discovered kink, and I am still learning what I and my partner like best. I am always afraid of hurting past the point of it no longer being fun. I love the sounds that my partner makes as I scrape my nails up and down his back, and feeling his body tremble with lust. I am enjoying learning… Read More »Kink of the Week – Scratching

Kink of the Week – Anal Sex

I have always been back and forth when it came to anal sex. My first experiences with it were quite horrible. The partner I was with refused to use lube, even though I brought it out every time. He also never gave any warm up, and just shoved his dick inside fast and hard. My cries of pain were taken as moans of pleasure and he went harder. I was… Read More »Kink of the Week – Anal Sex

Kink of the Week – Cutting/Tearing Clothes

I have never torn or cut someone’s clothes off, nor has it been done to me. However, I have always kind of fantasized about it. There is something about it that is just so sexy. That urgency intrigues me. As much as I fantasize about it, I could never do it unless it was a planned thing. I would need to know that they are ok with that set of… Read More »Kink of the Week – Cutting/Tearing Clothes

Kink of the Week – Halloween

As a kid I loved Halloween. I loved getting dressed up, and my favorite costume was always a witch. No idea why, it just was. I loved going trick-or-treating, and my favorite year was the one that my mom was out of town and my dad took me around town. That was rare, getting to spend time with my dad off of our mountain. The last time I went trick-or-treating… Read More »Kink of the Week – Halloween

Kink of the Week – Handjobs

Believe it or not, the first time I touched a penis did not include a handjob. I started with blowjobs, and to be quite honest, I prefer those over handjobs. For the sake of the prompt though, I will elaborate on handjobs. Handjobs can be fun, and one of the best ways I can learn how my partner likes his cock to be handled. Where on the shaft is the… Read More »Kink of the Week – Handjobs

Kink of the Week – Hand Spanking

To be completely honest, I am not too into hand spanking (or any kind of spanking). It just doesn’t really feel good to me, especially the harder swats. Now, that does not mean that I am completely against it, there is just a really fine line for me. That said, I absolutely love the playful little spanks, both giving and receiving. I find it a huge shock (and compliment) when… Read More »Kink of the Week – Hand Spanking

Kink of the Week – Squirting

**This is my first time participating in Kink of the Week, and hopefully not the last.** I have always been a squirter. My first orgasm had me squirting and I thought I had peed myself. Luckily I learned soon that what happened was not pee thanks to a close friend and research. Most of the time I know when I am about to squirt and I stop my orgasm before… Read More »Kink of the Week – Squirting