It’s Been Awhile

It has been way too long since I posted. Long story short, I just don’t have anything to write about. A lot has been going on the last two years. Depression has been my biggest problem, along with a ton of other terrible contributing factors. I don’t even know where to start. So, I might just ramble, so if you read this, thank you. -Depression Sucks-  -Work (too much to… Read More »It’s Been Awhile

For the Health of it – Eating Out

I have always enjoyed eating out. (I will try to refrain myself from making too many innuendos). It is convenient for so many reasons (socializing, bonding, no dishes, etc). There was a time when I ate out at least once or twice a week. That was usually when I worked graveyard shift and the only time I could hang out with friends or family. Some favorites are Mexican food, sushi… Read More »For the Health of it – Eating Out

SB4MH – Boundaries

Content Warning – Fatshaming, Doctor’s Office. I really have only one major boundary, and that is to not talk about my weight or anything to do with weight. I am getting better about it, especially when I am the one to bring it up, but it is still a very sensitive topic for me. This post is about my struggles with doctors and the outside world. Back in December, I… Read More »SB4MH – Boundaries

SB4MH – Social Anxiety

I am unsure if social anxiety is something new in my life, or it has always been present and I chocked it up to just being nervous. Either way, I know now that I do have social anxiety. Some days are better than others, depending on the situation. I have always been socially awkward. People tend to find me annoying. I was a very clingy and attention needy kid. I… Read More »SB4MH – Social Anxiety

For the Health of it – Physical Health

Thank you May for telling me about this new meme by MPBJulie! Even though I have always been overweight, I have always considered myself healthy. I have a very strong immune system, so I rarely get sick. As I get older though, I feel less healthy. Because I have always been overweight, it has always been difficult to exercise. P.E. was always my most hated class is school. Because of… Read More »For the Health of it – Physical Health

Anger and Toxic People

Day 31, post 30 – Well, I made it through all 30 (plus 1) days, and all 30 posts. This post will combine this week’s and last weeks SB4MH, since time escaped me and I missed the link up. Anger I personally do not get angry too often, though I sometimes get a little roadragey/venty when I am driving home. By that point in the day I just want to… Read More »Anger and Toxic People

Book Review – My Life on the Swingset

Day 28, post 27 – I mentioned before that I love to read, and when I find a book I can’t put down I lose myself (in a good way). This is another review that took way too long to do, and I am sorry. Especially since this book really kept my interest (as in I had great difficulties putting it down). Full disclosure, originally the ebook was  provided to… Read More »Book Review – My Life on the Swingset

Just Us

Day 25 – Post 25 Wednesday was a day off for us, as work was closed. We planned to put our phones on airplane mode and just focus on each other, since we hadn’t done that in a long time. We also wanted to make it special since one month from Wednesday was two and a half years. Plus we have to work Valentine’s Day. Before leaving work on Tuesday,… Read More »Just Us

Wicked Wednesday – Valentine

Day 24, Post 24 Growing up, I always imagined having the romantic day and evening that is portrayed in the movies. If I was just dating (in my dreams), I imagined being picked up by the guy and us going on a fancy(ish) dinner date. He would buy me flowers and chocolates and a sweet, romantic card. I would also give him a card and his favorite Valentine treats. We… Read More »Wicked Wednesday – Valentine

TMI Tuesday – In the Bedroom

Day 23, post 23 It’s time for more wacky, sexy TMI Tuesday questions. sexolympics 1. In the bedroom, what makes you insecure? My body, definitely. I know Aaron finds me beautiful, but I have a hard time seeing it myself sometimes. I am working on that. 2. In the bedroom, what makes you a champion? I feel pretty confident in my oral skills, though it is rare when I use them. 3.… Read More »TMI Tuesday – In the Bedroom