I got back to Leah’s apartment, where her and The T were waiting. I cuddled with The T a bit, before heading into the bathroom to change into my sexy clothes. I wore my yellow negligee with a black thong. They both told me how sexy I looked. The T and I made out for a bit, then we went to Leah’s room. Leah stayed in the living room to… Read More »Faked


I have gotten into a habit, not sure if it is good or bad, but a habit nonetheless. I am thinking this habit is good, possibly a little weird, and one that I am afraid of getting annoying. I have gotten into the habit of saying “Thank you,” after a sexual encounter. I got into this habit with Will. Since Will was not a very sexual person, I would thank… Read More »Habit

Name Calling

One thing that always creeped me out was saying someone’s name during sexual activities. I get especially turned off at the idea of hearing my own name during sex. I just have never liked my name. Though, I also have never had my name called out during sex, partly due to me stating that I thought it might be a turn off. Who knows, maybe I would like it? I… Read More »Name Calling

After Orgasm

One thing I have noticed is that after I orgasm, I relax so much that I stop breathing. I masturbate, I finish, I turn off the vibe, and lay as still as possible. My body relaxes completely. After a few seconds, when I am ready for air, I take in a deep breath and let it out slowly. I continue this relaxed breathing for a minute or two, until my… Read More »After Orgasm


One thing that drives me nuts is being distracted while masturbating. The thing that tends to happen the most is, while trying to think dirty thoughts, something very undirty pops into my mind. These things can include everyday life things, such as bills, and the biggest turn off of all, family. The last few times I have masturbated I have gotten very distracted. I think this happens because I wasn’t… Read More »Distractions

Orgasm Counter

Every new year I make a plan to count my orgasms throughout the year, just out of sheer curiosity at how many I have in a year. However, every new year hits, and I masturbate too many times to count before I realize that I wanted to keep count. This year I want it to be different. I think I am going to try to make a manual counter/widget on… Read More »Orgasm Counter

Review: Solar Bullet

Ever since I first discovered toys and masturbating, I have always preferred bullets over anything else. Unknowingly, I started out with disposable batteries. After always wasting money on them (it took me a while to realize how having now good batteries on hand was annoying, leading up to expensive), I switched to rechargeable batteries and wall charger. After becoming more advanced in my masturbatory adventures, I eventually bought rechargeable toys.… Read More »Review: Solar Bullet

Review Big Flirt

In May the awesome people at Babeland sent me something to review. Huge apologies for this being so late in posting, but I hope its better late than never. I had just been so busy, not giving me the time to test or review. So, what did they send me, you ask? Babeland sent me the Big Flirt in red. I had never been curious about butt play until Toby… Read More »Review Big Flirt


Lately, my body has been filled with an aching need, with cravings of intimacy, wishing to feel his hand run smoothly up and down my body, eventually seeking out the parts that crave the most attention. My nipples, my clitoris, my dripping wet pussy, aching for his hard cock to fill me. However, as much as I crave and feel I need this intimacy, I must wait. Will wants to… Read More »Craving

A New Goal

Last week, I decided to set a goal for myself. I made a goal to go without using a vibrator for the whole month of October. The most I have went without one is two weeks. The rules I set for myself was that I can do anything that does not involve a vibrator (i.e. sex, using my hands, someone else’s hands, etc). The point of this goal is to… Read More »A New Goal