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Sinful Sunday – Foggy Mirror

I had a hard time with the prompt, but I did get a few good ideas. Unfortunately I was unable to do them, but I got a new idea as I was stepping out of the shower. I was playing around with lighting and color edits and found a mode I have always loved; sketch. I couldn’t decide which I liked, so here’s both.

Sinful Sunday – All of Me

I took some pictures a while ago, but never shared them. I kept them to myself. They showed more of me than I ever intended. Mostly I was afraid to show so much of me, but then I started to see them for the beautiful treats that they are. I have finally gathered the courage to share. Unfortunately it was long enough ago that I did not have my piercings.… Read More »Sinful Sunday – All of Me

Sinful Sunday – Splurge

I recently got a new job that allows me to splurge on myself a little bit more often now. I went and ordered some new lingerie and sexy panties, this thong being one of my purchases. I will definitely share more of what I bought later. 😉 On a side note, I recently gave the blog a makeover. I would love to hear your thoughts. Are the colors ok, and… Read More »Sinful Sunday – Splurge