Thursday night I met with Will in a parking lot where he got in my car to go with me to get my nipples repierced. Luckily they were able to use my old bars, so it only cost $50, rather than $100. Oh my God! That fucking hurt. I ended up squeezing the hell out of Will’s hand, it hurt so bad, and I almost cried. At one point he… Read More »Repierced!


I have been making a lot of changes in the past few weeks. Some of these changes are new, some are old. First things first, I am rebuilding my life. When Will and I broke up, I felt like everything came crashing down. I am learning more about myself, as well as learning how to depend on myself. Before I always depended on others for everything, especially financially. I had… Read More »Rebuilding

One Afternoon Stand

About a week before my birthday, Forbidden Fruit informed me that his best friend (who we will call Eric) was coming into town for a few days and his birthday present to me was that Eric and I are able to fool around. He said Eric was very into it, and had never done anything before, not even kiss. I must admit, I was intrigued. I told him I would… Read More »One Afternoon Stand


If you have been following my twitter, or have been reading my blog since the beginning, you will know that I have always wanted to get my nipples pierced. I finally had the chance to make that dream come true when Sarah told me she was going to get hers done several weeks ago. She vaguely recalled me mentioning I wanted to go, but when we set a date, everything… Read More »Pierced!


I am jealous of anyone who has any fair amount of sensitivity in their nipples. Because, for me, I have little to no feeling at all in them. Someone has to suck as hard as one can suck to make me feel the slightest hint of sensation. And biting does nothing for me. Its horrible. Someone will do something with my nipple, and they show me what they did using… Read More »Nipples