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Poem – First Kiss

I keep dreaming about our first kiss One night you were hesitant and shy, Slow, soft, gentle, and sweet In all my dreams you are sweet Another night, another dream You were a little bit more confident, less shy You kissed me with the passion that I have come to miss Bold, strong, certain, and confident Last night, the latest dream We had our first kiss This time we went… Read More »Poem – First Kiss

Sexy Poem

**I have been trying to keep up the habit of writing and posting every day. I ran out of things to review and my sex life has been a bit lacking, so I googled “sex blog writing prompts.” I came across a set of 10 questions and prompts that pertain to sex.** 7. Write a poem about a sexual experience. *Oh gosh, I haven’t written a poem since high school,… Read More »Sexy Poem