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Product Review – Zumio E

I will start off by saying, I absolutely love the Zumio Products. In 2018 I reviewed the Zumio X (Zumio’s first model). Their products are pinpoint and give a deeper pleasure than other vibrators. Zumios don’t vibrate, but instead oscillate. I was excited to be offered a chance to review the Zumio E by Zumio themselves. I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. The Packaging The Zumio… Read More »Product Review – Zumio E

Product Review – Romp Free and Romp Shine

I think I have mentioned this a few times, but I absolutely love my Womanizer and Tango. Because of this, you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Romp, a company brought to you by the same people as We-Vibe and Womanizer. There is a lot to choose from in the Romp collection (everything from a bullet vibe, vibrating cock ring, a wand, and more) and Betty’s Toy Box… Read More »Product Review – Romp Free and Romp Shine

Product Review – Into the Moment Massage Oil

It is stressful times right now, and even before things changed my boyfriend and I were searching for a good massage oil to help ease the Sunday night stress and anxiety of the upcoming Monday. A few months ago I discovered Aloe Cadabra, the creators of my new found favorite lube. They also make a massage oil out of the same natural, organic ingredients. I was given a bottle free… Read More »Product Review – Into the Moment Massage Oil

Product Review – Aloe Cadabra Moisturizing Lube

It was only recently that I really discovered how much fun lube can be. Lately lube has become more of a necessity than an added extra (due to vaginal dryness from birth control). My dryness put me on a search for the perfect (for me) lube. A few weeks ago I stumbled across Aloe Cadabra Moisturizing Lube by Live Well Brands. The ingredients are all natural and organic, with no… Read More »Product Review – Aloe Cadabra Moisturizing Lube

Product Review – Coconut Shell Massage Candle

My boyfriend and I have been feeling a lot of stress lately, and work has made us kind of forget about basic touch. One night a few weeks ago we did some brainstorming on how to get back into things. With my birth control causing massive depression, it has been hard to relax and touch. One thing we thought of was learning to massage. We decided to try some massage… Read More »Product Review – Coconut Shell Massage Candle

Book Review – Vibrator Nation

Day 30, Post 29 – I was sent Vibrator Nation by Good Vibes awhile ago. I apologize for taking so long to get this posted, as this was another item I received right before my mental health break. I was provided a paperback copy of this book from Good Vibrations free in exchange for my honest review. Vibrator Nation is written by Lynn Comella (a writer, professor, and researcher). The book… Read More »Book Review – Vibrator Nation

Book Review – My Life on the Swingset

Day 28, post 27 – I mentioned before that I love to read, and when I find a book I can’t put down I lose myself (in a good way). This is another review that took way too long to do, and I am sorry. Especially since this book really kept my interest (as in I had great difficulties putting it down). Full disclosure, originally the ebook was  provided to… Read More »Book Review – My Life on the Swingset

Product Review – Temptasia Clitoris and Nipple Pump

Day 26, Post 26 – This review took me way too long to do. When I originally received this product from Betty’s Toy Box I was in a really bad frame of mind and suffering from severe depression. I am so sorry that it took so long, as this was a really fun product. The Product The “Temptasia Clitoris Pleasure and Enhancement System” is made by Blush Novelties. I was… Read More »Product Review – Temptasia Clitoris and Nipple Pump

Product Review – Zumio X

After hearing glowing reviews about the Zumio, I had to see for myself if it was as amazing as people claim it to be. Betty’s Toy Box was happy to let me review one. I received this toy for free in exchange for my review. The Packaging and Contents The first thing I noticed was the box and how shiny it was. I was entranced by tilting it into the… Read More »Product Review – Zumio X