Review: Solar Bullet

Ever since I first discovered toys and masturbating, I have always preferred bullets over anything else. Unknowingly, I started out with disposable batteries. After always wasting money on them (it took me a while to realize how having now good batteries on hand was annoying, leading up to expensive), I switched to rechargeable batteries and wall charger. After becoming more advanced in my masturbatory adventures, I eventually bought rechargeable toys.… Read More »Review: Solar Bullet

Review Big Flirt

In May the awesome people at Babeland sent me something to review. Huge apologies for this being so late in posting, but I hope its better late than never. I had just been so busy, not giving me the time to test or review. So, what did they send me, you ask? Babeland sent me the Big Flirt in red. I had never been curious about butt play until Toby… Read More »Review Big Flirt

Product Review: Ella

I love products by Lelo. They always have a sleek and beautiful design. My newest product I have received from Babeland, made by Lelo, is the Ella. I have fallen in love with it. Like all Lelo products, it comes packaged in a designed to fit box. Inside the box is a plastic molding and covering for the toy. Fitting perfectly inside is the Ella. Lift up the molding to… Read More »Product Review: Ella

Review: 365 Reasons to Have Sex Calender

Towards the end of the year, I begin looking for a calendar for the new year. It was lucky timing that the awesome people at Babeland offered to let me have just that, a calendar, for review. Now, this is not just any calendar, it’s a “365 Reasons to Have Sex” calendar. I thought it was perfect for me. The calender is filled with more than just reasons to have… Read More »Review: 365 Reasons to Have Sex Calender

Review: Tickled Pink Restraints

There is nothing hotter, in my opinion, than one partner having a little bit more control than the other. I have always had the fantasy of incorporating handcuffs into the bedroom. Thanks to Babeland, I got some Tickled Pink Restraints to review. The Restraints are not your traditional furry handcuffs. They  come as two separate cuffs, a 36 inch long nylon strap. The cuffs are pink and so soft. I… Read More »Review: Tickled Pink Restraints

Review: Crocodile Clamps

Because my nipples have never been that sensitive, I have loved the idea of nipple clamps. That is why I was very happy to get the chance to review the Crocodile Clamps from Babeland. The clamps are designed to be adjustable. It took me a while to figure out how to adjust the pressure of the clamps, but eventually I figured out that you have to open the clamps and… Read More »Review: Crocodile Clamps

Review: Flower Balm

Sensation heightening gels/creams have never really done much for me, but I always keep an open mind, ready and willing to try something new. That is why I took the chance to review the Flower Balm when Babeland offered. After a few days of waiting, I finally got a package from Babeland. The balm tin comes in a little cardboard box. I was pleased to find that the tin was… Read More »Review: Flower Balm

Review: Better Than Chocolate

I have a huge sweet tooth, chocolate being my favorite sweet. That being said, you can imagine my excitement when Babeland gave me the chance to try something that is supposed to be better than chocolate. Better Than Chocolate is a designer vibrator from Nomi Tang. It comes in a beautifully decorated box that has velvet lining inside. Inside the box is the toy itself, a small instructions booklet, and… Read More »Review: Better Than Chocolate

Product Review: LAYAspot

I have always heard awesome things about the LAYAspot by Fun Factory. When the awesome people at Babeland offered one for me to review, I couldn’t resist. The LAYAspot massager is “splash proof,” meaning it is not water proof, but a little wetness won’t hurt it (i.e. washing it, lube, etc.). It also has an awesome design, as it is made to lay against any body part without too much… Read More »Product Review: LAYAspot