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Kink of the Week – Squirting

**This is my first time participating in Kink of the Week, and hopefully not the last.** I have always been a squirter. My first orgasm had me squirting and I thought I had peed myself. Luckily I learned soon that what happened was not pee thanks to a close friend and research. Most of the time I know when I am about to squirt and I stop my orgasm before… Read More »Kink of the Week – Squirting

Not Enough Porn

This sounds ironic, I know, as the internet is full of porn. However, let me explain. For the past year I have been unable to get off from “straight” porn. In fact, the only thing I like to watch is gay porn. A very specific gay porn, mind you. I can only get off from watching guys piss. I prefer the “pissilations” that have a compilation of men pissing videos.… Read More »Not Enough Porn

Getting My Squirt Back

I squirted when I had my first orgasm. Not only did I not know that what I had was an orgasm, I thought I had pissed all over my floor and computer chair. I started making sure to pee and empty my bladder before masturbating, but I got the same wet and messy results. It wasn’t until I started reading blogs that I learned that squirting was a thing. I… Read More »Getting My Squirt Back