TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday – Shame

Over the weekend I found these questions from Heelsnstocking in a very old email. The questions are great. I cannot believe they were not already published here on TMI Tuesday blog but my search did not find them. So here we go…Shame. Shame 1. Tell us a sexual thing/fantasy would you never want your friends to know you like or have done? I am still kind of embarrassed at my… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Shame

TMI Tuesday – Important Questions

TMI Tuesday time–time to answer these… Important Questions 1. If you are on facebook, when was the last time you had to “unfriend” someone and why? I unfriended a guy I went on a couple of dates with, The best way to describe him would be toxic. He made me feel like shit about myself, and my priorities (work). He had some major issues. 2. What are you addicted to?… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Important Questions

TMI Tuesday – Digging Deep

Yes, yes…here it is. Another TMI Tuesday. Digging Deep 1. The last time you had sex, was it urgent or essential? Consider masturbation or sex with a partner. Both. With a partner, it was urgent. I got him worked up by playing with and teasing his cock during a movie, as well as sucking on his fingers. The movie couldn’t finish fast enough. During masturbation, it was essential, and usually… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Digging Deep

TMI Tuesday – Would You Rather…?

It’s another addition of TMI Tuesday “Would You Rather…?” 1. If you and your significant other played “sexual truth or dare” with other couples, would you rather watch your s.o. have sex with someone or would you prefer having sex with someone in front of your s.o.? It depends. I really don’t like to share, and I don’t think he would either. However, if the other person he had sex… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Would You Rather…?

TMI Tuesday – Life, Dating, Body, and More

 Hey. Glad you are checking us out. Have some fun and play TMI Tuesday! Life: dating, your body and more 1. What period of your life was the happiest? Why? I think my happiest period of my life (so far) was when I moved out of my mom’s and got a place with Will. I loved having him to come home to and talk to at the end of the… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Life, Dating, Body, and More

TMI Tuesday – May Day

May Day 1. Today is couple appreciation day. What do you most appreciate about being a couple (consider current or past relationships) I appreciate having someone there at the end of the day. I love sending him sweet good morning texts in hopes of making his day a little bit better. Hes been a bit scarce the last few weeks due to school, but I am hoping to have his… Read More »TMI Tuesday – May Day

TMI Tuesday – Social Norms

TMI Tuesday…play it, enjoy it! Times keep-a-changin’ 1. Does your workplace have a “casual Friday” or a day when you can dress down or out of uniform? My workplace does not. For my department we are required to wear office casual every day of the week. Sadly that means no jeans. Luckily, we are one of the few departments that does not require a uniform. 2. Has the growth of… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Social Norms

TMI Tuesday – Sexual Revelations

Let’s do this–TMI Tuesday. Sexual Revelations 1. When did you see your first naked woman that was not a family member? I am guessing that movies/magazines don’t count. In that case, I think I was about 20 when I started “experimenting” with my mom’s friend Sarah. 2. When did you see your first naked man that was not a family member? The first live human male I saw naked that… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Sexual Revelations