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The Guys (Part 2) – Rollercoaster

As I have said on Twitter and in my last post, things have been kind of an emotional rollercoaster for me. I have met more guys than I can count (both online and some eventually offline). Most of them aren’t worth giving a nickname on here, but the ones that lasted longer than others might be mentioned again later. Here I will attempt to give a breakdown on the ones… Read More »The Guys (Part 2) – Rollercoaster

Update! Again. Ugh.

Ugh! I hate that I stopped writing, and have been feeling pretty miserable without doing it. I want to, I just haven’t had a lot to say, at least nothing sexy and fun. -In September my blog turned 7 years old, I started in September 2008. -I have went on several dates, with several different guys. One seemed really promising, but he decided to stop talking to me (as they… Read More »Update! Again. Ugh.


Its dark days when I post on Craigslist, which is exactly what I did this last weekend. I was fed up and lonely, so I decided to take a shot, mostly to renew my happy feelings of not dating and worrying about it. All I got were creeps responding, some even sending a few dick pics. I felt like no one was reading my post. As I was considering taking… Read More »Reconnecting

I Love Your Feedback!

Seriously readers. If you like what I write, I would love to hear about it. Whether you comment, or send me an email. If you want to give me suggestions on things to write, or want to know something, anything, just ask. I will probably answer. I write for both of us, you and me. I write for me so that I have something to look back on, but I… Read More »I Love Your Feedback!

Life Got in the Way

I was doing so good about having an update every day from the time I came back to blogging in early January til the other day. Now that my streak has broken, I feel less motivated to find something, anything, to write about. I am actually considering changing the days I post from every day to maybe three or four times a week. I was considering Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday,… Read More »Life Got in the Way

Looking Back

One thing I have enjoyed about having my own domain are the WordPress plugins. I have not yet been able to find all that I am looking for, but one of my favorites is the one that picks a random post (with customizable settings) and links it one Twitter every four hours (at my chosen time). I have really enjoyed looking back, remembering old experiences, past crushes and loves, and… Read More »Looking Back


Just a quick post, mostly to put the basis of my thoughts down for when I have time to write something more detailed and profound. Also to keep up with my steady posting streak. I couldn’t sleep the other night. I got maybe 3 hours. I tossed and turned, staring at the clock, feeling more and more angry as time slipped by that I was still awake. My mind just… Read More »Ramblings

Ugh, Almost a Year Since my Last Post…

Wow, it’s been too damn long. I hate that it’s been almost a year since I have written, since so much has happened. Good things and bad things. Funny things and sad things. Amazing things and fucked up things. Hopefully I can catch you all up to speed. I plan on this short recap in this post, then the ones that deserve more detail, I will do my best to… Read More »Ugh, Almost a Year Since my Last Post…