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Sexual Bucket List

A long time ago at work (it’s a great time to think), I started thinking about this blog and all the sexual things I have done, the sexual things I want to do, and the sexual things I would like to try over again, since I have had more experiences. I have decided to share this list. One thing I would like to mention first is that some of these things are things I REALLY want to do, and others are kind of just (embarrassing) curiosities. I hate to use the word embarrassing, but they are things that aren’t looked at too positively in public society. They are things I might have a bigger interest in doing, with the right person of course. Also, things are not in any particular order.

Sexual Bucket List
01 – I would like to get a Brazilian (wax my pubes/bikini line/whatever its called).

02 – I would like to attempt to have sex in a car (particularly us in the back seat, me facing him, on his lap, but I am open to any positions that work. The car would also preferably be parked someplace private). **Update – I have sort of done this. A guy and I made out in the back of a van. We both lost our shirts, and I ended up giving him a blowjob. This happened in a busy parking lot. I would so do this again if I had the chance.**

03 – I want to go down on a girl completely. I have done this once before, but it did not last very long, as the girl wanted me to do other things.

04 – I think it would be awesome to have another threesome, since I have more experience now.
-I have had several MFF threesome and a couple of MMF threesomes. I would like to try a FFF, thought that is not high on my list, especially since I need to start with a FF encounter.

05 – I want to get tied up and teased physically (tickled lightly, kissed, touched, rubbed). I would also like to do the same to my partner. It would be awesome if blindfolds and other sensory deprivation toys were included, such as blindfolds and earplugs).

06 – I want to get recorded having sex, sucking cock, and even receiving some head myself.                                                                                                                                                             -06a – I would also love to record another couple

07 – I want to see myself have sex in a mirror (above me, to the side of me, in front of me)

08 – I still want need to learn to pleasure my clit and orgasm without batteries

09 – I want to try different positions, and possibly master them. I have really only had sex in the missionary position. Mostly I want to master the cowgirl position (if its possible for a bigger girl like me, never had the chance to try). I have dabbled a bit in doggy style, and would love to do it more.

10 – I want to attempt to be dual penetrated
10a – I have a small fantasy of having a dick in my pussy, my ass, my mouth, and both hands all at once.
10b – I wouldn’t mind a little bukkake

11 – Before my repiercing I wanted to have double piercings on my nipples. The ones I have right now are horizontal, and I wanted to have vertical as well. I am not so sure, but still definitely open to the idea.

-I sometimes consider getting my tongue pierced, and on rare occasions think about getting my clit hood pierced.

12 – I want to find a really nice penis and make a clone of it. They make clone-a-willy kits, and I want one to make a clone of someone’s cock. I made one with Will once, before we started being sexual together, and it did not turn out well. I want a redo, since we never got a successful chance ourselves.

13 – I want to aim a guy’s dick while he pisses. (Done this, finally. I want to do it again!)
13a – I am slightly very curious at the idea of golden showers.

14 – I want to have a simultaneous orgasm with my partner. So far this has only been achieved through mutual masturbation.

15 – I would like to try anal again, but the right way. We need to use lots of lube with plenty of warm up.

16 – I would love to put my strap on to use in some way, whether pegging a partner or having sex with another woman.

16a – A strap on blowjob has been appealing to me lately.

17 – I think it would be fun to play in a movie theater. Whether we start small with some groping, to full on giving hand or head if we can get away with it.

18 – I think it would be kind of hot to get paid for sex. I don’t necessarily be a prostitute, but I think it would be fun for a boyfriend/husband to offer me a certain amount for some kind of sexual favor. I guess that would fit into the roleplaying category, which I am definitely up for.

19 – I want to roleplay in the bedroom! A friend recently introduced me into the idea of a Daddy/daughter scenario and I love it. Probably because yes, I do have daddy issues. Hot damn though, the way he calls me baby girl makes my clit throb and panties soaked.

20 – Sex at work, but that is damn near impossible where I work currently. (in a casino, lots of cameras, etc).

21 – I want a day where we can take the day off and stay in the bedroom all day. We could keep a pizza in there and munch when hungry, only leave for the bathroom. (Even then I want to tag along and help you).


8 thoughts on “Sexual Bucket List”

  1. Karen (@kissinbluekaren)

    I like this list…although I am such a slut I have done most of it already. I would like to do 12 myself though….I might have to add that to my bucket list!

  2. I am curious. Obviously you wrote this list a little while ago and I am new to your blog. How many have you ticked off so far? How did it go? Do you have more you want to add?

    I like that you have this list it is awesome!

  3. Goodness I’d like to help with as many of these as possible !! And YES COWGIRL IS TITALLY POSSIBLE !! A beautiful almost virginal list !!! How many still to go ?! Xx

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